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​​​​​​​​Our classrooms are rich with laughter, leadership and learning. We strive to create engaging classroom environments, with lessons designed with students’ voice and interests in mind.  

Unless otherwise indicated, e-mail addresses consist of first initial, last name and end with (e.g. For access to staff twitter feeds, please click on the names in blue print. 

​2020-2021 Nottawasaga ​& Creemore Staff 

PrincipalMark McCain
JK/SKLara Beattie; Kaitlyn Buske (DECE)
JK/SKJennifer Floyd; Laurie Grant (DECE)
​Grade 1Lisa Doner-Day
​Grade 1/2​​Jennifer Klaassen
​Grade 3
​Dylan Hare
​Grade 3/4Brian Surowiec
Grade 1 (Learn@Home)
Cathryn Hawboldt

​ Grade 5/6                            Tanya Smith (Days 1, 2, 4 and 5) (email:tnsmith); Carlee Cober (Day 3)

​Grade 6/7                            Ashlee Pilkey
​Grade 7/8                            Tara Dea
​Core French                       Kim Evans (AM); Clayton Johnstone (PM)
​Library/Planning Time         Carolyn Pike​
​Special Education              Caitlin Downer-Reid (Learning Centre)
Resource Teacher
​Planning Time                   Carlee Cober; Kim Evans; Carolyn Pike; Jessica Beck-Ciurko (Day 2 AM)
​Educationa​l Assistant       Merle MacDonald
​Custodial Staff                  Kevin Charman (chief) and Brian Neil 
​Office Staff                        Stephanie Taylor