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Pick up and Drop off Reminders

Tuesday, January 10, 2017
Tuesday, January 10, 2017
Monday, April 03, 2017

As snow continues to accumulate, we wanted to share a few reminders about parking lot procedures for drop off and pick up.

For parents that walk their students to and from school, we ask that you remain on sidewalk areas, avoid cutting through the parking lot on foot and ensure that your children do not climb/slide down the snow hills adjacent to the parking lot where cars are pulling in and out. 

Here is a reminder of the procedures in place for kiss and ride:
-Please drop your child off in “drop off zone” (on the right side of the parking lot) in an orderly fashion, driving as far toward the end of the drop off zone as possible to allow room for vehicles behind you
-Once your child exits the vehicle, follow the car directly in front of you to ensure continuous flow of traffic and not cutting out to into the parking lot to pass the car in front of you 
-Please do not park and leave your car unattended and do not stop for lengthy periods of time in the “kiss and ride” zone.  Please pull into a spot and park if you plan on exiting the vehicle
-Have students exit on the passenger side of the vehicle only.  A staff memebr  is always on duty to assist if needed. 

As always, pets (aside from service animals) are not permitted on school property during the school day.  Also, parents picking up and dropping off studentsfor entry/dismissal are asked to remain at the gates near the kindergarten yard or come to the office to sign your child in/out if it is not the usual entry/dismissal time. 

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. It is our utmost priority to ensure both safety and accessibility for our 200 students who attend school each day at NCPS!​
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